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Here at Albert Fresco we’re all about bringing you the best of the best in home and farm maintenance tips and links to some of our favourite businesses around NZ. We know keeping your household in order can be a real challenge at times. Sometimes there’s just too much clutter around – sometimes you just can’t keep up with all the mess that seems to accumulate (especially if you have kids!). That’s why it’s handy to have a resource like this that you can fall back on whenever you need some reliable help dealing with a common household problem.

Below are just a handful of common problems along with some links to companies that can help you solve them.

Storage Systems – We all know what a pain clutter can be, especially when it’s time to move house. Luckily there are effective systems now that act as both moving and storage systems all in one. Mobistore is one such mobile storage solution. For the best storage in Auckland, check out the Mobistore website.

Cleaning – nobody likes cleaning up their own mess! If your place is out of control or you’ve got stains on your carpet or uphostery, it’s time to call in the professionals. Try the expert Christchurch cleaners at Local’s Choice for some quick results.

Concrete polishing – for the most effective NZ wide solutions in polished concrete and flooring, take a look at www.floorcoat.co.nz and www.nzgrinders.co.nz. NZ Grinders have a HTC-1500 ride on grinder, the only one of its kind in NZ.

Windscreen repairs – getting a chip or crack in the windscreen of the family car can be frustrating, and quite frankly a little dangerous. It pays to get this kind of thing dealt to sooner rather than later. Try Kiwi Windscreen Repairs for an effective solution.

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